Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another week in Review

I'm trying to be consistent about blogging...really, I am trying.  I just haven't had too much interesting to write about lately, but here's my week in review...

Our 8th Anniversary
Our 8th Anniversary was Wednesday, May 18th.  DH was away on a business trip, but we celebrated last weekend.  It was wonderful and a much needed mini-vacation.  We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Co.eur d'Al.ene, ID.  The place was absolutely wonderful.  The hostess made the most delicious breakfasts and she placed Giaradelli mint chocolate squares on our pillows before bed.  We had a gift card to the CDA Resort hotel that specializes in massages and totally splurged on an aromatherapy couple's massage.  Heaven!  Of course we had to stroll through downtown and stop at the chocolate factory for the the prettiest chocolates we have ever laid eyes on!  I should take a picture before they are gone!  Plus, we stopped at the candy factory that opened only 2 days before and purchased some of the freshest candy I ever had. total yumminess!! :)  We wined and dined all weekend!  Beautiful weather too!  It was a wonderful weekend!  Totally recommend the B&B experience if you have never been to one.  This was our first experience; we did have a room with a bathroom attached, but there were only 4 rooms at the B&B we stayed--very cozy with lots of little extras (she served wine and cheese from 6-7 and had fresh baked goods, brownies and cupcakes, in the late free snacks and sodas) that you wouldn't get at a hotel. 

The Week
So DH left Tuesday morning so it was just me and the dog this week.  I started summer classes on Monday--I am just glutton for punishment for sure this "session".  It's only 5 weeks, I've already had to read an entire book:  Beloved by Toni Morrison.  Anyone every read that book?  Intense book--not one to take to the beach, for sure!  So, this week read an entire 350 something page book and wrote a scholarly paper review from a journal article.  That was for one class.  The other class is all on fiction short stories--I've completed one assignment and have another due Sunday night.  Plus I have two other American short stories to read this weekend for the first class.  I believe the next five weeks will go by quickly! 

The Weekend
DH came home about 1AM last night--we stayed up until after 2 and slept in until 8AM this morning...little sluggish still this morning.  I made a big breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, toast, and strawberries this morning and sent him off to another meeting at noon with his tummy full.  Doing his laundry and he will leave again tomorrow, Sunday, afternoon for a few more days of meetings.  The life being married to a professor!!  It's all good because it's keeping both of us distracting from what will happen next weekend--Boise here we come!!  DH's PESA is scheduled for the 27th, H20 u/s for me and plan of care appt. plus blood work....lots of stuff will be happening very quickly in a very short timeframe.

We've decided that we will tell select people after this appt. and if it comes back favorable.  First, DH's SA has to be good to go...without that critical step, all will stop before anything ever begins.  Second, we should find out about funding in the next few weeks.  We still have not heard anything about our grant app...and we have a few other options to consider when we have a clearer picture of what we are dealing with.  Third, everything has to be a go with everything medical--uterus, blood work, levels, everything.  If everything looks good, and we are ready to move forward, then we shall tell the parents...only, maybe siblings...we'll see :)  It will most likely depend on how confident we feel after this appointment.  We still have a lot of unanswered questions that will hopefully all be answered within a very short period of time.

We're excited, nervous, unsure, we dare not to dream too much, too often, or too far in the's a good thing that we are staying busy these next five weeks!  Hugs to everyone out there--wherever you are in your journeys, I'm reading your posts, but I'm not very good at commenting....I will try to be better with that.  That said, I appreciate reading about other's journeys--I really enjoy reading those of you who have graduated on from IVF and I am saddened with those who have had their hearts broken from failed I embark on this journey, I have to remember that it can go either way for us too, there's still only a 50% chance that it will work.  I will forever silently cringe whenever I hear or read about someone who's able to conceive so easily and who speaks of having children so flippantly--but, I do remember feeling the same way once upon a time.  We all have our journeys in life--this is ours! 

Have a wonderful Saturday; find a little piece of sunshine in your day!

J :)