Friday, June 17, 2011


I don't know if it's the pre-natals, birth control pills, thryoid pill (which should have the opposite effect), docycycline, baby aspirin, or Lupron injection-but today I'm wiped!  I had a hard time concentrating on my assignments, got teary eyed and stressed out trying to write my paper, and overall had a rough day today.  I started my day well--full of energy and at ease with doing the Lupron injection.  But by the middle of the day, I was a mess!  Looking forward to get a good night's rest and hopefully feeling better tomorrow.  Also, again not sure which one(s) are to blame, but having tummy problems today as well.  I am just a mess--I hope my body regulates itself and gets used to this new 'normal' level of hormones being coursed through my body. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1

Lupron Day 1--Done!!  It wasn't too bad; I was so freaked out about it, it got into my dreams, and everything--but the actual injection was not that bad.  I iced the area before which I think totally helped; hubby put together the syringe, cleaned the area and it was over in seconds.  No big deal at all!

Day 1 meds:  Lupron 10 IU, Docycycline 2x day, thyroid pill, Pre-natal, BC, and BA.
Status:  Good, no initial side-effects, feeling pretty good and happy the first one done.

Class today--one more week to go--need to write two papers tonight/tomorrow.  Had a fun night with a few classmates at our local Mexican restaurant--had my last strawberry margarita for awhile!!  This week is flying!!  Happy Thursday all!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Review

This week in review (the abbreviated version):

Monday:  Nothing too notable--went to class--finished laundry from the weekend, got the hubby ready to leave for last grant-funded trip; watched some funny shows--began watching Masterchef--my new favorite show this summer! 

Tuesday:  Read, kissed hubby off on his trip, went to class, went out to lunch with a friend from class--had so much fun!  We went to this Japanese/Korean place that has fresh sushi, tempura, and the best teriyaki chicken.  We stayed and talked for 3 hours!!  I was so stuffed when I got home--sat on the couch and watched t.v. for the rest of the night.

Wednesday:  Read, went to class, ran around a did errands, went for a long walk with doggy, did my English homework--watched America's Got Talent and SYTYCD!  Stayed up way too late--went to bed after midnight!

Thursday:  Read, went to class, got a call from MDR-encino, meds--meds shipped Friday-get here Sat...went for a walk with dog, Talked to mom, hubby, stayed up super late a finished both my English papers...went to bed at 2A.M.

Friday:  Up at 8:30-got ready, had a 10A.M. mani/pedi appt.  So nice--two hours later and 20 pink digits, came home, had lunch, went to store, got my bc pills, docycline meds, plus two red velvet cupcakes...sat with the dog while it rained outside..finally watched The King's Speech--awesome movie!  especially when you watch while awake :)  ate hotdog for dinner--stayed up, talked to mom-told her about IVF--says she's "over the moon" happy for us... watched 2 episodes of Without a Trace and two episodes of Criminal Minds and called hubby to 'wake him up' at 3AM to get ready to get on his flight back home--it was 12AM here, went to bed...

Saturday:  woke up at 3:30--watched hubby's plane take-off, went back to bed; woke up at 6:30 to get a text from hubby that he landed first leg...went back to sleep, woke up at 9AM, mom called,--checked 2nd flight status, 1 hour left...started some laundry, sheets, blankets....hubby lands, UPS comes with package--big scary brown box!, hubby texts, calls, and is home by 12:15PM...takes nap, I go to store--hubby gets up about 5pm--takes shower, better, take walk, grill hamburgers/corn on the cob, good night....

Sunday:  sleep in, get up, have coffee, read the paper, do english homework, take a nap, get a 90% on quiz...bummed:( play on 'puter, update blog, watch Wallstreet with hubby...sleepy time :)

A new week begins!  Starting Lupron on Thursday!  AHH!!  Nervous!  Have a fantastic week all!