Thursday, May 5, 2011

My List

So...of course, I'm procrastinating...I'm really good at that you see.  I came across another super cute blog which led me to this page.  101 things in 1001 days (about 2 years and 7 months); what a neat idea.  I have no idea how far I'll get on this list, but it should be fun to push myself a bit with the activities listed below.  So, here's my list I created!  I have until June 30th, 2014...whew!

1 Run a 5K
2 Figure out my blood type
3 Go on a wine tour--planning stage
4 Knit a scarf
5 Buy (and keep alive) a houseplant--planning stage/farmer's market purchase
6 Join a Yoga class
7 Make homemade salsa
8 Go see an opera
9 Watch the sun rise and set at the same location, without sleeping
10 Visit an art exhibition
11 Go on a multi-day biking trip
12 Host a dinner party
13 Do something for charity
14 Take a baking class
15 Read 5 non-fiction books
16 Go on a spa weekend--5/14 Coeur D'Alene Resort
17 Play mini golf-summer planning stage
18 Stay up and watch the sunrise on New Year's
19 Learn to fold an origami crane
20 Camp in a national park
21 Watch the sunrise on the beach
22 No fast food for a month
23 Write in my journal at least once a week
24 Bake my own bread
25 Volunteer after a disaster
26 Find a full time job
27 Buy a work of art
28 Send in a photograph to a contest
29 See a play in the theater
30 Stay at a B&B-5/13-5/15/11-McFarlane Inn
32 See an acupuncturist
33 Build a birdhouse
34 Exercise six days a week for a month
35 Try a new recipe every month for a year
36 Visit a friend out of state
37 Have a professional massage-5/14-Coeur d'Alene Resort
38 Complete a crossword puzzle
39 Go vegetarian for a week
40 Watch a movie in 3D
41 Shop at a farmer's market--hopefully this Wednesday
42 Visit a new state
43 Attend a live concert
44 Go to Sea World and San Diego Zoo
45 Go on a tropical holiday or cruise
46 Visit and explore Washington
47 Visit 3 National Parks
48 Go to 10 new restaurant-5/13/11-Wine Cellar (CDA), 5/14/11-Capones (CDA), Tokyo Seoul (WA)
49 Read Shakespeare
50 Buy a pair of hiking boots
51 Color an entire coloring book
52 Go ice-skating
53 Try out for a game show
54 Get an iPod Touch
55 Take a photo of the same place every month
56 Start a holiday tradition
57 Go to a theme park
58 Make my own jam
59 Lose weight
60 Write a list of inspirational things, one thing for each letter of the alphabet
61 See a musical 
62 Grow an herb garden-planning stage
63 Go on a road trip to at least 6 different states
64 Bake cupcakes from scratch
65 Join and send 10 postcards
66 Make brownies
67 Go for an all day bike ride
68 Watch a movie in IMAX
69 Learn to make cheesecake-6/6/11--came out yummy, but more practice needed to perfect! :)
70 Document one month of my life in photographs
71 Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
72 Visit a winery
73 Go Geocaching-have mapquested directions, just waiting for a sunny day
74 Join a book club
75 Take an art class
76 Go to bed before 11pm every night for a month
77 Send a handwritten letter
78 Give money to a street musician
79 Visit a botanical garden-same place as the geocaching
80 Have a baby-in the planning
81 Watch no TV for a week
82 Attend a live taping of a show
83 Cook dinner for my family-
84 Make French toast--Done! 6/5/11--and it was yummy!
85 Go to a sporting event
86 Get a pedicure-6/10/11--Pink toes :)
87 Adopt a dog
88 Read every Stephen King novel
89 Make chocolates
90Have a garage sale-hopefully this summer
91 Don't complain about anything for a week
92Host a barbeque
93 Spend a whole day in bed
94 Say yes to everything for one day
95 Spend an afternoon reading at the park
96 Keep a dream diary for a month
97 Make a snowman
98 Go to the cinema on my own
99 Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favorite song -13 so far
100 Have dinner by candle light
101 Go people watching for a day

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  1. Oh, I really like that!! I might have to do that, too! Great list!