Saturday, September 16, 2017

My once a year post...apparently!

Who knows who reads this blog anymore.  I posted last September almost exactly to the day and found a few of you with some recent posts!  How exciting!  So, quick couple new things from a year ago.  We bought a house...moved from one town to another in Iowa.  Z started kindergarten.  B is doing great...still NED, no more surgeries, just scans every 4 months for the next 3-5 years, most likely.  We still go back and forth on trying for #2.  I still get to stay at's awesome!  Z goes to school just blocks down the street so I can walk to and from school!  The new house keeps us very busy.  Z is also starting soccer, which will be new and exciting for us!  Otherwise, it's fairly normal around here.  Papa did move closer and Z has had lots of company now that we have room for friends and family to visit!  So, that's what's new around around here!  Hope to update again before Sept 2018!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Overdue post...

Yep, it's been a few years.  Life has been pretty crazy!  We have a four year old little boy who keeps us very busy. He started preschool this year.  He loves it and he has grown so much in the last few weeks since he started.  We haven't tried again for number 2 as life seemed to have other plans this year.  My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last November.  He went through 6 rounds of chemo, radiation, surgery and will be going in at the beginning of October for a second surgery.  Currently he is NED but the reoccurrence rates are near 90% so he has to go in for this surgery.  Even though right not we are not going through ivf, this is a safe place to vent.  I have a caring bridge set up but family read it and I can't really just express my feelings somewhere.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First deadline down

Beta number three came in at 4,806.  No further blood draws for quantitative HCG need to be done.  We have a date for our first u/s appointment--August 15th.  I think it's starting to dawn on me that I might actually be pregnant.  The 15th will surely confirm things for me though, I need to see things to believe them sometimes....I'm working on having faith that this is actually happening to me.  So... I promised last week that I would give my 2ww symptoms.  Below I will try to put them into some kind of chronological order for you.  I know how much I obsessed about others as I was going through the, here it goes!

Day1-3--Our 2 surviving embies are growing and dividing.  We were given word that they fertilized on day 1, were 4 cells on day 2, and transferred both-one 5 cell embryo and one 8 cell embryo.

Day 3-"Princess Day 1"  Transfer was at 10AM.  In the office they gave me a tablet of Valium (not sure of the dosage) with a full cup of water (note-drink a bottle or two of water, use the restroom once before leaving for the clinic--depending on your driving time--the cup of water will def. top you off if you already have to go a bit).  30 minutes later, they led me back and went over the quality of our embryos.  Both were labeled as "good" a 2 on a rating from 1-3. The doctor did a mock once more to look at where she wanted to place the embryos.  Then she put a solution (an embryo loving solution) into the area she wanted to place the embryos.  Then the embryologist prepared the embryos for transfer and then the doctor transferred them from the catheter into the place she designated for the embryos.  During this time, another nurse was in showing the whole thing on the u/s machine.  She was able to show us the area as she placed air bubbles in between where she placed the two embryos.  We weren't really able to see the two embryos in the lining though but we were assured they were there:)

After the transfer, I laid there for about 10 minutes and then I got up to potty (my hubby was worried I would pee out my embryos :)).  We then went home and I went right to bed and watched shows on hulu for most of the day and took a nap.  I was a bit crampy after the transfer but not too bad.  Mostly I was just happy to have my embies back inside me:)

Day 4:  "Princess Day 2" I got up to potty and take a shower (with the progesterone supps I felt I had to be clean before I could put those in).  Not many symptoms today.  Twinges and cramps here and there and still really bloated from the stims.  Continued to drink my gatorade and eat my protein bars..and my 1/5 of pineapple and tons of water.   

Day 5:  "Princess Day 3"  Again, only potty and shower.  Relaxed most of the day.  Ate my pineapple and drank my water.  Watched shows, did a little homework.  Breasts are sore, a bit constipated, and tired. 

Day 6:  Can go back to normal activities.  Still took it easy.  Twinges here and there; tired, sore breasts, hungry and emotional...ate my pineapple and drank my water.  Noticeable black circles around the nips though.

Day 7:  Travel day.  Feeling good today.  After a 6 hour driving day, went to bed early.  Cramps here and there, breasts are still a little sore-finished last day of pineapple. 

Day 8:  Cramps central!  Thinking it's way too early for AF, but so crampy.  Tired and skin feels very sensitive--I take a shower and the water feels really hard on my skin, weird!

Day 9:  Still crampy! Hoping it's implantation and not AF coming early.  Still need a nap and feeling out of it. 

Day 10: Feel great! Cramps are gone, just twinges here and there.  Odd cramping feeling that comes for a few seconds and leaves.  Thirsty, def. a metal taste in my mouth but I think I'm imagining it.  Temp is still high but I attribute that to the progesterone. 

Day 11:  1st Beta day.  Go in for blood draw.  Feel great today; twinges are still coming and going but cramps that last forever are gone.  EMOTIONAL!  Crying at everything! 

Day 12:  Super tired and emotional.  Dad's on his way to our house.  Don't feel comfortable in my jeans, but in sweats.  Opt for sweats after changing my clothes and taking two showers before dad shows up.  Breakdown and test says Pregnant!  In shock! 

Day 13:  Tired, emotional, sore, tired, emotional, and tired!  Do nothing but nap for most of the day...feeling little cramps here and there all day.

Day 14:  Feeling great again!  2nd Beta day.  Get up early and go to my test, and decide to go the store afterward and buy a pie for my dad's b-day.  Still twinges here and there, tired and emotional but good day.

Day 15-Day 24:  Still feel cramps every once in awhile, and super duper tired!  Starting to have food cravings and aversions....this week I crave protein!! 

Day 24:  Beta #3 4,806--Feeling good, started walking again and got the okay to work out at the gym again at 70% :)  

Thank you everyone for the replies on my last post!!!  Thanks for following our journey!  I will attempt to update more often as this journey progresses!  Hugs!  J

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry to make you guys wait so long....

(Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post and I'm sooooo sorry (Emily):) and everyone to keep you waiting for sooooo long....)

It's not that I haven't wanted to write this post, it's just how to write this post.  So, I will just say it....the blood test confirmed PREGNANT!

I actually knew on Saturday.  As I said before I think, I had two digital tests in the bathroom drawer that had been there forever, but weren't expired.  I had looked at them before we left for and thought these would be it, the true reveal-ers to say yes or no if I tested early.

Honestly, I'm still in shock.  My hubby and I have been dealing with IF for over 7 years....I have never even seen a positive test before..except in picture form on blogs and posts...never from my own pee!  So, I'm super excited, of course, but being cautiously optimistic until I see him/her on an u/s.  Here are the things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks in chronological order:

Aug 4-Last blood test to check beta
Aug 14th (ish)-First u/s
Aug 15th-Longest cycle ever before AF showed its ugly face

In the coming week, I'll write out my 2ww symptoms.  Everything is super surreal right now...more to update later!  Thanks for following me on this crazy journey!  I LOVE your comments and I LOVE reading about everyone else's journeys--especially those who have been going/have gone through IVF,  I have been stalking your protocols, your embie numbers and cell sizes....I rejoice with those who have had success and my heart breaks for those who have had losses.

Emily--I know you are next girl!  I've been stalking you like crazy too!!  My heart sank when I saw your post about your embies stopping growing:(  I know your BFP is coming!!  Thinking and praying for you girlie!!  Just try to not take out your Lupron craziness on your students, k?;)

I know sometimes every time someone else get a BFP it's so difficult when you're still in the trenches. I hope that you can rejoice with me as this is all new to us and every step of this journey is uncharted territory and my hope is that any of you still on the journey whether in 2WW land, in the middle of a protocol, in the midst of RE appointments and scheduling, researching and preparing financially, emotionally or otherwise or moving on to adoption--at the end of all of our journeys, our take home baby/child is near!  I am so glad that we can share in each other journey (the ups, the downs, and the all arounds) and others can share with ours...thank you!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome July ICLW'ers!!

Hi all!  So this is my second month doing ICLW and last month I didn't do too well keeping up with posting.  This week I'm going to try harder!!  So, welcome if this is the first time you have come to my blog.  A bit about me--my hubby and I have been married for 8 years.  We've been trying to conceive for at least 6 of them but the last year or so things got more interesting.  We found out that hubby has obstructive azoospermia, there's a block somewhere that prohibits sperm from getting out.  It's been a long road of several devastating s/a results coming up zeros before it was diagnosed.  Last September we started the process of IVF at ICRM (Ida.ho Cente.r for Rep.roductive Medic.ine) and through a series of tests we found first, that hubby has mobile sperm in his testes and second I have hypothyroidism.  Hubby had to have the PESA procedure to extract sperm and have them frozen before we were able to begin IVF.  Sperm were successfully frozen and my hypothyroidism was remedied through a tiny pill I have to take once a day for the rest of my life!

We are currently in the 2WW for IVF #1.  I am currently on 3dt7dpt--or 10DPO....I have my first blood test tomorrow but I won't get results from that until Monday.  I will probably POAS sometime this weekend as it will probably drive me nuts not knowing this weekend.  I haven't had a whole lot of symptoms except for being really crampy 8DPO pretty much all day and being super tired--which could be simply a reaction to the drugs.  I would appreciate all the baby dust you can spare :)  Please look around my site for more info about me if you'd like!  Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


So sorry I have been MIA for a few days. I'm still here! So out of the 13 retrieved eggs, 9 were mature, 1 wasn't good enough to be ICSI'ed, so we were down to 8...of the 8, 6 didn't fertilize well (the embryologist was stumped saying that for some reason my eggs didn't like hubby's sperm Sad ) but 2 fertilized. We were bummed!! I should have posted something then but I was so worried the other 2 would not do well. We got a call at about 48 hours saying the 2 went to 4 cells. We began feeling much more optimistic about the 2 little growing embies. On day 3, today, one embryo is at 8 and the other is at a 5 but still in the process of dividing. We transferred both this morning at 10AM MST. Feeling good that both of them are now in me, plus the transfer procedure went really well--it was really easy and I didn't hardly feel a thing. The valium helped with that too I'm sure. My in-laws came Tuesday night and we had fun with them yesterday. After getting the call that the two were now four cells, I felt like I could actually relax a bit and enjoy our company. We had a fun day and went out to dinner at P.F. Chang's. So, the 2 week wait begins today! Today, I am catching up on America's Got Talent, Masterchef, Pretty Little Liars, So You think You Can Dance, and Big Brother. I have a long day ahead..haha!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tillie's Giveaway

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