Friday, June 3, 2011


Hope you like the new blog look!  Trying to make it feel a bit more summery and since July is the Big month for us, thought I'd go all Freedom Fireworks for the occasion!  Hope you all enjoy!  Have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Wow, lots of new followers!!  Thanks for following me, I will try to not bore ya to pieces :)   So, what's new?!  Well, it's raining, but that's not super new anymore, it's been really really dreary here all week, I'm hoping the sun comes back out this weekend, we're planning on going camping, so I really hope the rain goes far far far away!!!

I got a new pill to take as of this morning.  My blood work revealed that my thyroid was not as active as they'd like it to!  But, on the plus side, the pill should give me more energy and a higher metabolism...sounds good!

Meds are ordered!!  All of our health savings account is depleted, but meds are ordered!  Wow, Bravelle is expensive!!!  It will be worth it if it leads to baby at the end of it all!! 

Got a 90% on my midterm today....I wish I knew what I got wrong :(  Oh well, I should be writing a paper tonight, but just not feeling it yet....watching a re-run of Glee instead.  I'm getting a bit overwhelmed looking at due dates for assignments that are after after the date we should know if IVF #1 worked.  I just can't think that far in advance yet! rained ALL day today and yesterday...I'm so ready to see the sun, maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit off today.  Waiting for the hubby to come home from his meeting too....hope he comes home soon! 
Hope everyone finds this well tonight!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Back Home

We're back home!  It's really nice to be home again after a few days away.  Doing laundry and catching up on classwork and getting ready for a busy week!!  We're planning a camping trip next weekend--hopefully it will be nice and sunny and not rainy.  Hubby's home for 8 days--the longest in a few weeks which will be nice.  Everyone's healing nicely; hubby's on antibiotics for a few more days, he says he's a lot less sore, my bruise from the 5 vials of blood they took from me is starting to heal as are my lady parts from their traumatic experience on Thursday.  We're in good spirits and feeling confident to go forward; we'll be making our arrangements from June 30th-July 16ish very very soon!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Ours is kinda rainy, but the bbq is still on!

Have a fantastic week!