Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's been a week of lasts:  last day of docycycline was Saturday evening, last birth control pill I hopefully will ever take was taken Thursday morning, my last class was Thursday along with my last test, last paper and last quiz was completed both on Friday.

It's been a week of firsts:  This week I completed my first assignment for the second summer session and my first week without a paycheck (at least we still have hubby's or things would be very very bad!).

It's been a week of on-goings: Today marks the 10th day on Lupron, four more days before I go in for u/s, stims class and begin more drugs and the continuation of more and more classwork and probably taking one more class this summer to cover all bases for full-time status (I'm also taking an independent poly sci. class this summer, but it doesn't count toward my credit hours until it is!)

I've been feeling much better this last week--thank you to all who commented on my last post, I've just been so dang emotional and tired.  We were watching Amer.ica's Got. Tale.nt tonight and the little girl who sang and played the keyboard made me all teary-eyed when she told Nick how she was so happy that the judges thought she was good...such a little cutie!

We have soooooooo much to get done before we head out on Wednesday!  My in-laws are coming out on the 12th through the 14th, which should be in between retrieval and transfer--hoping I will be feeling okay so we can go out and do something fun!  I'm getting excited and a little nervous now that things are coming up quickly!  As long as we get all the things we need to get done before we leave things will be okay--things may be a bit stressful if some of these things don't resolve themselves before we leave.

Nothing much else to report.  For those of you out there starting Lupron--it's totally not that bad!!  This morning though, I decided I needed to stress about the Noverel that is in "the box" because there is one needle on the syringe (which is the constitution needle) but then there's also another large needle and a small needle about the same size as the "lupron needle."  I went on the freedom fertility injection how-to site and watched the whole video---do I give that one to myself?  in the buttocks??  or will they do that one at the clinic? that's the only one making me a bit nervous right now.  Oh, and one other thing--do I have to remove my toe nail polish before the egg retrieval?  I took off the fingernail polish this weekend since it was starting to look bad and I was going to repaint them, but I suppose I should probably hold off until later as I'd probably be asked to take it off before the procedure anyway.  Okay...just rambling now--anyone else watching The Mar.riage Rep?  kinda different...
G'night! :)

P.S. anyone else having allergies this time of year too??  I haven't been able to stop sneezing since yesterday afternoon when we came in from a walk....achoo..achooo...achooooo!