Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brave Girls

So, I stole this from a friend's blog that she follows....the link of that blog can be found here.   Maybe you can relate at times, I know I can.  Enjoy and hope the downhill portion of the week gets better!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping and Cheesecake

I made my first cheesecake!

Relaxing in the sun!

Our tent and campsite, next to the river.
What a fun few days!  It was finally sunny this weekend and hubby and I had a wonderful weekend camping.  We left Friday afternoon, took a few long hikes, cooked our dinners over campfires, stayed up late and slept in.  So much fun--I did get a little sun and a critter got into our food stash and ate our marshmallows and cayenne potato chips. Haha! We came back home Sunday and I made french toast for the first time ever--it turned out pretty well, I little burnt, but after camp food for 3 days, it was so good!  I also was inspired to make a cheesecake on Monday--so good, but very very rich!  Hubby leaves again today for another trip :(  I must get work done this week--3 more weeks of summer session 1!!  On another note, meds are paid for and I should get them on Saturday!!  I start lupron on the 16th--in 9 days!!  That's about it for now...lots going on, but not a whole lot of exciting things to mention really..,just another Tuesday getting ready for class in a bit!  Have a great Tuesday!