Thursday, August 4, 2011

First deadline down

Beta number three came in at 4,806.  No further blood draws for quantitative HCG need to be done.  We have a date for our first u/s appointment--August 15th.  I think it's starting to dawn on me that I might actually be pregnant.  The 15th will surely confirm things for me though, I need to see things to believe them sometimes....I'm working on having faith that this is actually happening to me.  So... I promised last week that I would give my 2ww symptoms.  Below I will try to put them into some kind of chronological order for you.  I know how much I obsessed about others as I was going through the, here it goes!

Day1-3--Our 2 surviving embies are growing and dividing.  We were given word that they fertilized on day 1, were 4 cells on day 2, and transferred both-one 5 cell embryo and one 8 cell embryo.

Day 3-"Princess Day 1"  Transfer was at 10AM.  In the office they gave me a tablet of Valium (not sure of the dosage) with a full cup of water (note-drink a bottle or two of water, use the restroom once before leaving for the clinic--depending on your driving time--the cup of water will def. top you off if you already have to go a bit).  30 minutes later, they led me back and went over the quality of our embryos.  Both were labeled as "good" a 2 on a rating from 1-3. The doctor did a mock once more to look at where she wanted to place the embryos.  Then she put a solution (an embryo loving solution) into the area she wanted to place the embryos.  Then the embryologist prepared the embryos for transfer and then the doctor transferred them from the catheter into the place she designated for the embryos.  During this time, another nurse was in showing the whole thing on the u/s machine.  She was able to show us the area as she placed air bubbles in between where she placed the two embryos.  We weren't really able to see the two embryos in the lining though but we were assured they were there:)

After the transfer, I laid there for about 10 minutes and then I got up to potty (my hubby was worried I would pee out my embryos :)).  We then went home and I went right to bed and watched shows on hulu for most of the day and took a nap.  I was a bit crampy after the transfer but not too bad.  Mostly I was just happy to have my embies back inside me:)

Day 4:  "Princess Day 2" I got up to potty and take a shower (with the progesterone supps I felt I had to be clean before I could put those in).  Not many symptoms today.  Twinges and cramps here and there and still really bloated from the stims.  Continued to drink my gatorade and eat my protein bars..and my 1/5 of pineapple and tons of water.   

Day 5:  "Princess Day 3"  Again, only potty and shower.  Relaxed most of the day.  Ate my pineapple and drank my water.  Watched shows, did a little homework.  Breasts are sore, a bit constipated, and tired. 

Day 6:  Can go back to normal activities.  Still took it easy.  Twinges here and there; tired, sore breasts, hungry and emotional...ate my pineapple and drank my water.  Noticeable black circles around the nips though.

Day 7:  Travel day.  Feeling good today.  After a 6 hour driving day, went to bed early.  Cramps here and there, breasts are still a little sore-finished last day of pineapple. 

Day 8:  Cramps central!  Thinking it's way too early for AF, but so crampy.  Tired and skin feels very sensitive--I take a shower and the water feels really hard on my skin, weird!

Day 9:  Still crampy! Hoping it's implantation and not AF coming early.  Still need a nap and feeling out of it. 

Day 10: Feel great! Cramps are gone, just twinges here and there.  Odd cramping feeling that comes for a few seconds and leaves.  Thirsty, def. a metal taste in my mouth but I think I'm imagining it.  Temp is still high but I attribute that to the progesterone. 

Day 11:  1st Beta day.  Go in for blood draw.  Feel great today; twinges are still coming and going but cramps that last forever are gone.  EMOTIONAL!  Crying at everything! 

Day 12:  Super tired and emotional.  Dad's on his way to our house.  Don't feel comfortable in my jeans, but in sweats.  Opt for sweats after changing my clothes and taking two showers before dad shows up.  Breakdown and test says Pregnant!  In shock! 

Day 13:  Tired, emotional, sore, tired, emotional, and tired!  Do nothing but nap for most of the day...feeling little cramps here and there all day.

Day 14:  Feeling great again!  2nd Beta day.  Get up early and go to my test, and decide to go the store afterward and buy a pie for my dad's b-day.  Still twinges here and there, tired and emotional but good day.

Day 15-Day 24:  Still feel cramps every once in awhile, and super duper tired!  Starting to have food cravings and aversions....this week I crave protein!! 

Day 24:  Beta #3 4,806--Feeling good, started walking again and got the okay to work out at the gym again at 70% :)  

Thank you everyone for the replies on my last post!!!  Thanks for following our journey!  I will attempt to update more often as this journey progresses!  Hugs!  J

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry to make you guys wait so long....

(Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post and I'm sooooo sorry (Emily):) and everyone to keep you waiting for sooooo long....)

It's not that I haven't wanted to write this post, it's just how to write this post.  So, I will just say it....the blood test confirmed PREGNANT!

I actually knew on Saturday.  As I said before I think, I had two digital tests in the bathroom drawer that had been there forever, but weren't expired.  I had looked at them before we left for and thought these would be it, the true reveal-ers to say yes or no if I tested early.

Honestly, I'm still in shock.  My hubby and I have been dealing with IF for over 7 years....I have never even seen a positive test before..except in picture form on blogs and posts...never from my own pee!  So, I'm super excited, of course, but being cautiously optimistic until I see him/her on an u/s.  Here are the things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks in chronological order:

Aug 4-Last blood test to check beta
Aug 14th (ish)-First u/s
Aug 15th-Longest cycle ever before AF showed its ugly face

In the coming week, I'll write out my 2ww symptoms.  Everything is super surreal right now...more to update later!  Thanks for following me on this crazy journey!  I LOVE your comments and I LOVE reading about everyone else's journeys--especially those who have been going/have gone through IVF,  I have been stalking your protocols, your embie numbers and cell sizes....I rejoice with those who have had success and my heart breaks for those who have had losses.

Emily--I know you are next girl!  I've been stalking you like crazy too!!  My heart sank when I saw your post about your embies stopping growing:(  I know your BFP is coming!!  Thinking and praying for you girlie!!  Just try to not take out your Lupron craziness on your students, k?;)

I know sometimes every time someone else get a BFP it's so difficult when you're still in the trenches. I hope that you can rejoice with me as this is all new to us and every step of this journey is uncharted territory and my hope is that any of you still on the journey whether in 2WW land, in the middle of a protocol, in the midst of RE appointments and scheduling, researching and preparing financially, emotionally or otherwise or moving on to adoption--at the end of all of our journeys, our take home baby/child is near!  I am so glad that we can share in each other journey (the ups, the downs, and the all arounds) and others can share with ours...thank you!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome July ICLW'ers!!

Hi all!  So this is my second month doing ICLW and last month I didn't do too well keeping up with posting.  This week I'm going to try harder!!  So, welcome if this is the first time you have come to my blog.  A bit about me--my hubby and I have been married for 8 years.  We've been trying to conceive for at least 6 of them but the last year or so things got more interesting.  We found out that hubby has obstructive azoospermia, there's a block somewhere that prohibits sperm from getting out.  It's been a long road of several devastating s/a results coming up zeros before it was diagnosed.  Last September we started the process of IVF at ICRM (Ida.ho Cente.r for Rep.roductive Medic.ine) and through a series of tests we found first, that hubby has mobile sperm in his testes and second I have hypothyroidism.  Hubby had to have the PESA procedure to extract sperm and have them frozen before we were able to begin IVF.  Sperm were successfully frozen and my hypothyroidism was remedied through a tiny pill I have to take once a day for the rest of my life!

We are currently in the 2WW for IVF #1.  I am currently on 3dt7dpt--or 10DPO....I have my first blood test tomorrow but I won't get results from that until Monday.  I will probably POAS sometime this weekend as it will probably drive me nuts not knowing this weekend.  I haven't had a whole lot of symptoms except for being really crampy 8DPO pretty much all day and being super tired--which could be simply a reaction to the drugs.  I would appreciate all the baby dust you can spare :)  Please look around my site for more info about me if you'd like!  Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


So sorry I have been MIA for a few days. I'm still here! So out of the 13 retrieved eggs, 9 were mature, 1 wasn't good enough to be ICSI'ed, so we were down to 8...of the 8, 6 didn't fertilize well (the embryologist was stumped saying that for some reason my eggs didn't like hubby's sperm Sad ) but 2 fertilized. We were bummed!! I should have posted something then but I was so worried the other 2 would not do well. We got a call at about 48 hours saying the 2 went to 4 cells. We began feeling much more optimistic about the 2 little growing embies. On day 3, today, one embryo is at 8 and the other is at a 5 but still in the process of dividing. We transferred both this morning at 10AM MST. Feeling good that both of them are now in me, plus the transfer procedure went really well--it was really easy and I didn't hardly feel a thing. The valium helped with that too I'm sure. My in-laws came Tuesday night and we had fun with them yesterday. After getting the call that the two were now four cells, I felt like I could actually relax a bit and enjoy our company. We had a fun day and went out to dinner at P.F. Chang's. So, the 2 week wait begins today! Today, I am catching up on America's Got Talent, Masterchef, Pretty Little Liars, So You think You Can Dance, and Big Brother. I have a long day ahead..haha!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tillie's Giveaway

Go do Tillie's giveaway here--it's easy and fun and you can win $$$.  So go do it now! :) 

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Trigger shot done!  All shots in the box except for one menopur and 5 bravelle still leftover...DONE!  I wonder if I will see two lines at tomorrow's appointment!! :)

Trigger Tonight!

Hi all!  I've been busy napping most of the day today--yes, very productive day!  Well...we did take a walk too :)  Ha!  I had my last u/s appointment this morning.  Lining is at an 18... 19 follies measuring from 9-25 mm.  We're a go for trigger tonight at 9:30PM.  So excited to give myself my last shot!!  Yipee!!  9:30AM Monday morning is our scheduled retrieval.  Hubby will know if he has to do PESA again Sunday night/early Monday morning.  Excited and nervous.

All in all this experience has been nothing of what I anticipated.  In fact, I really came into it with no real expectations.  We're just going to do what the nurses tell us and know we're in good hands.  It has been good to get away from "real life" by being at a hotel.  I have come to accept that anything can and does happen in this process and so far I feel blessed that we have made it this far and jumped over a number of hurdles.  However, I know that we are far from the process being over and the scary part is still to come.  On to retrieval we go in the hopes that great fertilization reports and a good transfer are in the very new future! 

Have a sizzling Saturday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving ahead quickly...

Went in for my u/s and blood work today.  E2 levels are at 2,214.  They counted somewhere between 20-26 follies today, didn't get numbers this time.  It was quite busy in the clinic this morning.  Lots of young couples--I think I counted 6 and that was just in the waiting room.  We literally showed up at our appointment today, checked in, sat down, and were called back within 30 seconds.  When does that ever happen?  We even felt like we were "cutting" in line this morning as the 6 waiting couples were all there longer than us.  One of my favorite nurses brings us back to the u/s/Mr. Wando room.  I get all set up, put on my socks (thanks Mac and PC for your wonderful suggestions on what to bring on your visits) and get "probed." The nurse goes about measuring the follies and talking to us.  Then she says she has a present for us.  Wow!  After all the follies are counted and I'm clothed again, she brings out the cutest little jean purse filled with all kinds of treats.  The cutest thing is she made cookies too--they are soooo cute! Two babies--one in a pink onsie, the other in a blue onsie.  I will have to take a picture.  She said we have to eat them after transfer because they have brought lots of good luck to others!  She told us she drove over to our hotel last night to give us this, but brought the wrong thing and since she is the out of town liaison and we are staying at the hotel for awhile--she wanted to give us a welcome package.  So sweet!!  Of course, we had to keep it incognito because the other 6 couples in the waiting area didn't get one...oh great, we cut in line and we got treats and they didn't.....uh ohhh!!  we may have a mutiny on our hands people!! Can you just see the angry stares!!  Oh my!! :) 

So we get back to the hotel and long behold guess who else is driving up the driveway?!  yep, it's FED-X...yippee, more meds are here!  We go up to the front desk and find out that this is their second time here this morning...ours came at 9AM (it's now after 10AM)...whoopee!!  Grab our package and get upstairs to inject more stims.  Fast forward to 1:30PM...I get a call from my wonderful IVF coordinator. She asks, "Have you taken your stims today?"...Yes, I took them at 10:30..."Okay, great.  Tomorrow, only take your Lupron and nothing else!"...okay, should I bring the other meds? "Nope, we'll do one last u/s and give you a time to trigger tomorrow night."  Cue me realizing that I will be in surgery Monday morning.  Dawning hits and we end the call.  It all goes down tomorrow!  We have a full box of Bravelle left that most likely won't be used (probably should really give it back to the clinic since we 'stole' their gonal-f the other day) and one more menopur.

I'm ready to get these follies out and hope there are lots of eggies retrieved!  Let's get this show on the road!  I'm ready!! :)

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Feeling good after my appointment today!  My u/s sound went well. My lining is at an 11.6. My right ovary has 8 follies (17.0, 16.4, 14.7, 14.5, 13.9, 12.9, 10.8 and 7.8 ) my left ovary has 9 follies (16.9, 13.0, 12.8, 12.2. 11.7, 9.5, 8.6, 7.6, and 5.4). I am to continue on the same dose through Saturday most likely. I go in for another u/s and blood work tomorrow to see how everything is looking. I may trigger tomorrow night if the little ones grow more for a Sunday morning retrieval, but most likely I will do meds on Saturday and trigger Saturday night for a Monday morning retrieval. I can definitely feel the eggies today!!!

Need to think about getting some work done today--still have one summer class I am working on and I probably should get that done before retrieval.  It's so nice to be at the hotel and rest and relax through this process!  I'm all caught up on So You You Ca.n Danc.e, Ame.rica's Got Tale.nt, Mas.terChef, and Pre.tty Littl.e but I think I need to watch the first episode of B.ig before doing, that sounds like a plan!! 

Happy Thursday all!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the Nick of Time!

In the nick of time!  We got the rest of my I've said before, they upped my dosage to 5:1 from 3:1 on baseline u/s day b/c I had only 8 follies and they wanted to see 2 more.  Not sure where those other two were hiding but they sure created a bit of commotion these last few days. already read our saga from a few days ago.  Well, I'm happy to say since my last post, if there was an award for getting every last drop of solution back into the syringe, my hubby would have surely been in the running!  .85-.96 mL after 6 re constitutions ain't too shabby!  However...due to the change in meds we needed more.  Of course, we have to need them on a holiday weekend but thankfully we have enough to get through Tuesday...yes, Tuesday...Wednesday (today) we're down 2 vials of bravelle.  I called the pharmacy yesterday with our order for 10 more bravelle and 2 more menopur (from our mess-ups the other day) who ships overnight...we should have them by today at noon.  I can take them at noon, no worries (I emailed my wonderful IVF coordinator...she said no problem).  However, it's 12:10PM right now and still no meds have arrived.  The cleaning lady has already come through and made the room sparkly again...I call down at the front desk..."Are you sure?" no meds have arrived's time to get everything ready.  1mL of NaCl solution....1 75IU of menopur...1 75 IU of bravelle....the phone rings (hey, I didn't know we have two phones in the room...), it's the front desk, "Fed-X has arrived and dropped off a package for you"...nice timing, we'll be right down...I hold on to the syringe while hubby goes down to retrieve the precious package...He takes out the last 2 bravelle....2...3...4...5..bravelle..inject .9mL into tummy..Success!  What timing! 

Later I get the benefit of a sick tummy and a bit of nausea from the injection plus my bloated, follicle stimulated ovary's all good.  Thank you meds I know you're working in there!  On to tomorrow with wando--I can't wait to see what's all going on in there even though I know it's going to hurt :(  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Morning

We woke up late this morning--9AM.  We go through the daily ritual of putting the meds together.  I walk down to the ice machine with my bucket and get some ice.  I proceed to get the lupron out of the mini fridge while hubby takes care of getting the 5 bravelle plus 1 menopur along with syringes, alcohol wipes, gauze, q-caps, etc.  It's day 4...we're pros at this right?!  I take off the tops as hubby puts together the q-cap and it on tight enough???  He measures out the 1 mL of NaCl solution and injects it into the menopur.  I sit back and wait...I hear, OH NO!!  I ask, what happened??  I see that he has the NaCl solution on the syringe.  That's not right!!  What happened...oh no!  You injected it back into the solution???!!!  CRAP!!  There goes another $55.00 down the drain!!!!

We start over.  I put everything in order on the table...menopur first...5 bravelles all lined up.  Hubby replaces the q-cap, gets another NaCl solution (throws out the first one with un-usable menopur) and we begin again.  NaCl solution measured...I put it off to the side....Menopur seems like it leaking a bit....unconcerned...1st bravelle reconstituted...loses a couple more's still over 1/2 mL..we're okay...2nd bravelle...better...3rd...leaks!!...4th bravelle...there is less than 1/2 mL there...cue kinda freaking out....5 bravelle...ummm...there's not enough liquid to reconstitute the powder!  Cue breakdown!!!  What are we going to do???  Another $400.00 of meds messed up!!!

Find the after hour number to the clinic in a hurry....leave message with message service lady...nurse calls us within 5 minutes....tells us to come in at 11AM...gather up meds...quickly do Lupron injection before we go (it's amazing we ever freaked out about this injection)...quickly take a shower, run over to the clinic.  The nurse says, "I am going to be your fairy godmother today"...she was!!  She gave me my injection for the menopur and gave me 5 amps of Gonal-F (Can you say Life-saver!!).  Shows us again how to properly twist the q-cap onto the syringe and how easy it is to use...we laugh after everything was so tense just moments ago. Cue sigh of relief!  All we need to get are 2-3 more vials of menopur--we may need more depending on how long I'm on it this week anyway.  We already have an order out for more bravelle because they increased my dosage on the first day--we can handle this--everything will be okay!  Whew! 

Lessons learned--first--do not hurry with these injections.  Second, have everything laid out so that we don't make mistakes and third--make sure the q-cap is screwed on tight!!  It was a rough morning but hopefully we haven't messed up things too bad!!  Ugh!  So happy at least we're close and the nurse helped us. 

We came home and practiced with the q-caps, a vial of NaCl solution (we have tons of extras) and with the long reconstitution needles...feeling more confident.  The saga continues tomorrow!  We're hoping for success!!  *I share this because 1)this is my blog and what's currently going on over here, 2)to hopefully help someone from making this mistake if you are reading this and having to do the reconstitution thing as well and 3)hopefully share a laugh afterwards as we move through this crazy, nutty journey!!

Other than that...really nothing new to report.  The bravelle seemed to give me the worst headaches but today's gonal-f doesn't seem to be bothering me at all.  It will be interesting to see if the headache comes back tomorrow or if it was just a fluke.  Boise is hot!!  We've been staying inside mostly during the day and going out at night.  So far I haven't felt too much from the meds just pinches every now and again and if I try to suck in my tummy.  I can still comfortably wear my jeans but maybe only for a few more days.  I think we're going to try and go to the park down the street tomorrow and watch the should be a nice evening to go out!  Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's been a week of lasts:  last day of docycycline was Saturday evening, last birth control pill I hopefully will ever take was taken Thursday morning, my last class was Thursday along with my last test, last paper and last quiz was completed both on Friday.

It's been a week of firsts:  This week I completed my first assignment for the second summer session and my first week without a paycheck (at least we still have hubby's or things would be very very bad!).

It's been a week of on-goings: Today marks the 10th day on Lupron, four more days before I go in for u/s, stims class and begin more drugs and the continuation of more and more classwork and probably taking one more class this summer to cover all bases for full-time status (I'm also taking an independent poly sci. class this summer, but it doesn't count toward my credit hours until it is!)

I've been feeling much better this last week--thank you to all who commented on my last post, I've just been so dang emotional and tired.  We were watching Amer.ica's Got. Tale.nt tonight and the little girl who sang and played the keyboard made me all teary-eyed when she told Nick how she was so happy that the judges thought she was good...such a little cutie!

We have soooooooo much to get done before we head out on Wednesday!  My in-laws are coming out on the 12th through the 14th, which should be in between retrieval and transfer--hoping I will be feeling okay so we can go out and do something fun!  I'm getting excited and a little nervous now that things are coming up quickly!  As long as we get all the things we need to get done before we leave things will be okay--things may be a bit stressful if some of these things don't resolve themselves before we leave.

Nothing much else to report.  For those of you out there starting Lupron--it's totally not that bad!!  This morning though, I decided I needed to stress about the Noverel that is in "the box" because there is one needle on the syringe (which is the constitution needle) but then there's also another large needle and a small needle about the same size as the "lupron needle."  I went on the freedom fertility injection how-to site and watched the whole video---do I give that one to myself?  in the buttocks??  or will they do that one at the clinic? that's the only one making me a bit nervous right now.  Oh, and one other thing--do I have to remove my toe nail polish before the egg retrieval?  I took off the fingernail polish this weekend since it was starting to look bad and I was going to repaint them, but I suppose I should probably hold off until later as I'd probably be asked to take it off before the procedure anyway.  Okay...just rambling now--anyone else watching The Mar.riage Rep?  kinda different...
G'night! :)

P.S. anyone else having allergies this time of year too??  I haven't been able to stop sneezing since yesterday afternoon when we came in from a walk....achoo..achooo...achooooo!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I don't know if it's the pre-natals, birth control pills, thryoid pill (which should have the opposite effect), docycycline, baby aspirin, or Lupron injection-but today I'm wiped!  I had a hard time concentrating on my assignments, got teary eyed and stressed out trying to write my paper, and overall had a rough day today.  I started my day well--full of energy and at ease with doing the Lupron injection.  But by the middle of the day, I was a mess!  Looking forward to get a good night's rest and hopefully feeling better tomorrow.  Also, again not sure which one(s) are to blame, but having tummy problems today as well.  I am just a mess--I hope my body regulates itself and gets used to this new 'normal' level of hormones being coursed through my body. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1

Lupron Day 1--Done!!  It wasn't too bad; I was so freaked out about it, it got into my dreams, and everything--but the actual injection was not that bad.  I iced the area before which I think totally helped; hubby put together the syringe, cleaned the area and it was over in seconds.  No big deal at all!

Day 1 meds:  Lupron 10 IU, Docycycline 2x day, thyroid pill, Pre-natal, BC, and BA.
Status:  Good, no initial side-effects, feeling pretty good and happy the first one done.

Class today--one more week to go--need to write two papers tonight/tomorrow.  Had a fun night with a few classmates at our local Mexican restaurant--had my last strawberry margarita for awhile!!  This week is flying!!  Happy Thursday all!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Review

This week in review (the abbreviated version):

Monday:  Nothing too notable--went to class--finished laundry from the weekend, got the hubby ready to leave for last grant-funded trip; watched some funny shows--began watching Masterchef--my new favorite show this summer! 

Tuesday:  Read, kissed hubby off on his trip, went to class, went out to lunch with a friend from class--had so much fun!  We went to this Japanese/Korean place that has fresh sushi, tempura, and the best teriyaki chicken.  We stayed and talked for 3 hours!!  I was so stuffed when I got home--sat on the couch and watched t.v. for the rest of the night.

Wednesday:  Read, went to class, ran around a did errands, went for a long walk with doggy, did my English homework--watched America's Got Talent and SYTYCD!  Stayed up way too late--went to bed after midnight!

Thursday:  Read, went to class, got a call from MDR-encino, meds--meds shipped Friday-get here Sat...went for a walk with dog, Talked to mom, hubby, stayed up super late a finished both my English papers...went to bed at 2A.M.

Friday:  Up at 8:30-got ready, had a 10A.M. mani/pedi appt.  So nice--two hours later and 20 pink digits, came home, had lunch, went to store, got my bc pills, docycline meds, plus two red velvet cupcakes...sat with the dog while it rained outside..finally watched The King's Speech--awesome movie!  especially when you watch while awake :)  ate hotdog for dinner--stayed up, talked to mom-told her about IVF--says she's "over the moon" happy for us... watched 2 episodes of Without a Trace and two episodes of Criminal Minds and called hubby to 'wake him up' at 3AM to get ready to get on his flight back home--it was 12AM here, went to bed...

Saturday:  woke up at 3:30--watched hubby's plane take-off, went back to bed; woke up at 6:30 to get a text from hubby that he landed first leg...went back to sleep, woke up at 9AM, mom called,--checked 2nd flight status, 1 hour left...started some laundry, sheets, blankets....hubby lands, UPS comes with package--big scary brown box!, hubby texts, calls, and is home by 12:15PM...takes nap, I go to store--hubby gets up about 5pm--takes shower, better, take walk, grill hamburgers/corn on the cob, good night....

Sunday:  sleep in, get up, have coffee, read the paper, do english homework, take a nap, get a 90% on quiz...bummed:( play on 'puter, update blog, watch Wallstreet with hubby...sleepy time :)

A new week begins!  Starting Lupron on Thursday!  AHH!!  Nervous!  Have a fantastic week all!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brave Girls

So, I stole this from a friend's blog that she follows....the link of that blog can be found here.   Maybe you can relate at times, I know I can.  Enjoy and hope the downhill portion of the week gets better!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping and Cheesecake

I made my first cheesecake!

Relaxing in the sun!

Our tent and campsite, next to the river.
What a fun few days!  It was finally sunny this weekend and hubby and I had a wonderful weekend camping.  We left Friday afternoon, took a few long hikes, cooked our dinners over campfires, stayed up late and slept in.  So much fun--I did get a little sun and a critter got into our food stash and ate our marshmallows and cayenne potato chips. Haha! We came back home Sunday and I made french toast for the first time ever--it turned out pretty well, I little burnt, but after camp food for 3 days, it was so good!  I also was inspired to make a cheesecake on Monday--so good, but very very rich!  Hubby leaves again today for another trip :(  I must get work done this week--3 more weeks of summer session 1!!  On another note, meds are paid for and I should get them on Saturday!!  I start lupron on the 16th--in 9 days!!  That's about it for now...lots going on, but not a whole lot of exciting things to mention really..,just another Tuesday getting ready for class in a bit!  Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hope you like the new blog look!  Trying to make it feel a bit more summery and since July is the Big month for us, thought I'd go all Freedom Fireworks for the occasion!  Hope you all enjoy!  Have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Wow, lots of new followers!!  Thanks for following me, I will try to not bore ya to pieces :)   So, what's new?!  Well, it's raining, but that's not super new anymore, it's been really really dreary here all week, I'm hoping the sun comes back out this weekend, we're planning on going camping, so I really hope the rain goes far far far away!!!

I got a new pill to take as of this morning.  My blood work revealed that my thyroid was not as active as they'd like it to!  But, on the plus side, the pill should give me more energy and a higher metabolism...sounds good!

Meds are ordered!!  All of our health savings account is depleted, but meds are ordered!  Wow, Bravelle is expensive!!!  It will be worth it if it leads to baby at the end of it all!! 

Got a 90% on my midterm today....I wish I knew what I got wrong :(  Oh well, I should be writing a paper tonight, but just not feeling it yet....watching a re-run of Glee instead.  I'm getting a bit overwhelmed looking at due dates for assignments that are after after the date we should know if IVF #1 worked.  I just can't think that far in advance yet! rained ALL day today and yesterday...I'm so ready to see the sun, maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit off today.  Waiting for the hubby to come home from his meeting too....hope he comes home soon! 
Hope everyone finds this well tonight!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Back Home

We're back home!  It's really nice to be home again after a few days away.  Doing laundry and catching up on classwork and getting ready for a busy week!!  We're planning a camping trip next weekend--hopefully it will be nice and sunny and not rainy.  Hubby's home for 8 days--the longest in a few weeks which will be nice.  Everyone's healing nicely; hubby's on antibiotics for a few more days, he says he's a lot less sore, my bruise from the 5 vials of blood they took from me is starting to heal as are my lady parts from their traumatic experience on Thursday.  We're in good spirits and feeling confident to go forward; we'll be making our arrangements from June 30th-July 16ish very very soon!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Ours is kinda rainy, but the bbq is still on!

Have a fantastic week!

Friday, May 27, 2011


That is, the hubby's stuff...just chill-axing for about a month until the little guys are injected into my eggies:)  Procedure went well, got the hubby on some antibiotics and maybe a little Ty.len.ol with co.dein.e later tonight depending on how he feels.  He was such a to meet Dr. Distinguished (since he's met Op.r.ah twice and he's got a little distinguished looking beard and he's very tall and handsome...I think it will fit) for a few seconds after the procedure; he seems nice but I don't know if we'll see him much more after today.  The female RE I've decided that she needs a great name--she has been so reassuring, so calm through everything so far and has been super wonderful!  So, we're going to call her Dr. Hopeful because she has restored our hope in conceiving a child together.  What a wonderful day today it has been--we are both so relieved that the procedure was successful!  Onward and forward we move! 

Procedures and Protocols

We're at the hotel--hubby has his PESA procedure today at noon.  Hopefully we'll get results back before we go home--he's going to be getting excellent treatment--both REs and an anesthesiologist so he'll be knocked out during the procedure!  Yesterday we both got blood work done, I got a pap and a H2O ultrasound--the latter was not bad at all, I'm a totally wimp when it comes to the pap--my doctor now knows that too :(  Oh well, all in all, everything went well--we got our protocol: here it is--

Continue BC and Pre-natal vitamin until June 23rd
Start Lupron and Docycycline (2x a day for both of us) and Baby Aspirin (BA) (continue Pre-natal vitamin (PNV)):  June 16-June 25rd
Continue Lupron, BA, and PNV until June 29th

Off to Boise for 3 weeks:
Baseline U/S-June 30th
Start Bravelle/Menopur (continue PNV/BA/Lupron)-June 30-July 11 (or so)
Blood draw-July 5th AM
hCG injection (trigger)-July 9
Egg Retrieval-July 11
Doxycycline and Medrol, progesterone begins morning after retrieval every 12 hours-starting July 11
Embryo Transfer-July 14-16
 that day + 2 additional days after-Princess Days:)
HCG Pregnancy Test #1-July 22-24--No results given
HCG Pregnancy Test #2-July 24-26-Results available

It's going to be a busy month! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Everything begins tomorrow.....H2O u/s and PESA procedure scheduled Friday....tomorrow we get blood drawn, talk schedules and care plans, and all about $$$$ much will be happening this weekend. 

Everyone has cute nicknames for their REs...I think I will make it a point to come up with some for them this weekend....I know the guy has met Op.r.ah twice and the female is up-to-the-latest on best practices with A.R.T.  Hmmmm.....what to call the two individuals who may hold our next generation in the palm of their hands...literally and figuratively...

Waiting impatiently for hubby to get home.  I think I may go out to the store to get some goodies for our loooonnngg road trip tomorrow!   Hope those of you enduring crazy weather are safe and comfy tonite!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another week in Review

I'm trying to be consistent about blogging...really, I am trying.  I just haven't had too much interesting to write about lately, but here's my week in review...

Our 8th Anniversary
Our 8th Anniversary was Wednesday, May 18th.  DH was away on a business trip, but we celebrated last weekend.  It was wonderful and a much needed mini-vacation.  We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Co.eur d'Al.ene, ID.  The place was absolutely wonderful.  The hostess made the most delicious breakfasts and she placed Giaradelli mint chocolate squares on our pillows before bed.  We had a gift card to the CDA Resort hotel that specializes in massages and totally splurged on an aromatherapy couple's massage.  Heaven!  Of course we had to stroll through downtown and stop at the chocolate factory for the the prettiest chocolates we have ever laid eyes on!  I should take a picture before they are gone!  Plus, we stopped at the candy factory that opened only 2 days before and purchased some of the freshest candy I ever had. total yumminess!! :)  We wined and dined all weekend!  Beautiful weather too!  It was a wonderful weekend!  Totally recommend the B&B experience if you have never been to one.  This was our first experience; we did have a room with a bathroom attached, but there were only 4 rooms at the B&B we stayed--very cozy with lots of little extras (she served wine and cheese from 6-7 and had fresh baked goods, brownies and cupcakes, in the late free snacks and sodas) that you wouldn't get at a hotel. 

The Week
So DH left Tuesday morning so it was just me and the dog this week.  I started summer classes on Monday--I am just glutton for punishment for sure this "session".  It's only 5 weeks, I've already had to read an entire book:  Beloved by Toni Morrison.  Anyone every read that book?  Intense book--not one to take to the beach, for sure!  So, this week read an entire 350 something page book and wrote a scholarly paper review from a journal article.  That was for one class.  The other class is all on fiction short stories--I've completed one assignment and have another due Sunday night.  Plus I have two other American short stories to read this weekend for the first class.  I believe the next five weeks will go by quickly! 

The Weekend
DH came home about 1AM last night--we stayed up until after 2 and slept in until 8AM this morning...little sluggish still this morning.  I made a big breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, toast, and strawberries this morning and sent him off to another meeting at noon with his tummy full.  Doing his laundry and he will leave again tomorrow, Sunday, afternoon for a few more days of meetings.  The life being married to a professor!!  It's all good because it's keeping both of us distracting from what will happen next weekend--Boise here we come!!  DH's PESA is scheduled for the 27th, H20 u/s for me and plan of care appt. plus blood work....lots of stuff will be happening very quickly in a very short timeframe.

We've decided that we will tell select people after this appt. and if it comes back favorable.  First, DH's SA has to be good to go...without that critical step, all will stop before anything ever begins.  Second, we should find out about funding in the next few weeks.  We still have not heard anything about our grant app...and we have a few other options to consider when we have a clearer picture of what we are dealing with.  Third, everything has to be a go with everything medical--uterus, blood work, levels, everything.  If everything looks good, and we are ready to move forward, then we shall tell the parents...only, maybe siblings...we'll see :)  It will most likely depend on how confident we feel after this appointment.  We still have a lot of unanswered questions that will hopefully all be answered within a very short period of time.

We're excited, nervous, unsure, we dare not to dream too much, too often, or too far in the's a good thing that we are staying busy these next five weeks!  Hugs to everyone out there--wherever you are in your journeys, I'm reading your posts, but I'm not very good at commenting....I will try to be better with that.  That said, I appreciate reading about other's journeys--I really enjoy reading those of you who have graduated on from IVF and I am saddened with those who have had their hearts broken from failed I embark on this journey, I have to remember that it can go either way for us too, there's still only a 50% chance that it will work.  I will forever silently cringe whenever I hear or read about someone who's able to conceive so easily and who speaks of having children so flippantly--but, I do remember feeling the same way once upon a time.  We all have our journeys in life--this is ours! 

Have a wonderful Saturday; find a little piece of sunshine in your day!

J :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was doing so well this week...and then Bam!...I hit a wall.  Hubby and I got into a fight this was over nothing really, but we've been so emotional and stressed these past few months that I think it has all brimmed over to the surface....hubby's work and lots of stress there, grading finals, research and meetings near and far in the next few weeks, my lack of work, stupid training benefits that haven't gone through, my classes, what I'm going to do with my life, wanting to move, not being able to move because we would have to sell the house, and have a job, both of us having jobs would be nice, having a child, funding for having a child--big stress, all these unknowns and the stress of the everyday stuff is really getting to us....
I did get a call from a school district I worked for last year for an opening for the last two weeks of's not really ideal, I'm not certified to teach in this room (it's a sped position, I've subbed a half a dozen times in his room...but I just don't feel comfortable to be in there full time for two weeks.) There's a lot going on in that room and really the person who should fill that position should be certified in Special Ed.  Plus, I've already signed up for an English class that meets in the afternoon that would conflict with school hours.  Ugh, I really dislike that I'm treated as a disposable substitute and not even considered for a permanent position in their district--I really dislike feeling so useless!  Ugh!  I just want a classroom to teach in and a group of students to motivate, inspire and have fun learning with.  Is that really so much to ask for?!  I'm going to talk to hubby before making any final commitments one way or another, but I'm thinking that I may pass on this opportunity--I prob. should email the teacher (we're also neighbors so maybe I might try and run into him before I call them back) and get some more info...Update:   Talked to hubby…. I’ve decided to let the assist. Principal know I have decided not to take up his offer.  I need the class this summer for my language arts endorsement, which right now is the priority…the job will pay the same as U.E. which is pretty sad to even say, but I have to think of that right now, and the district is one that I feel is a dead-end to any future employment at the time…
Speaking of schools, I just found out that the school I spent two years of my life at, gave 150% of my efforts to only to be RIFed at the end of my second year, is letting another 4 teachers go at the end of this year.  Sadly, they are the ones I predicted would probably not last past this year; it was a prediction I was hoping to not come true.  But alas, the education situation is pretty dire. 
Enough of my complaining!!  It's a beautiful day today, I really shouldn't waste it! (But I did:() There's supposed to be a beautiful arboretum walking distance from here--I know my dog would be so happy if I took him for a walk through it. *I have the directions to it, so I think this will be tomorrow’s adventure*  I was feeling more energetic in the last few days--had some good workouts, been eating all vegetarian this week (Mon-Thurs).  I wish I just didn't feel so blah today--hopefully some bright flowers will cheer up my mood and lift my spirits. I get to get my hair done tomorrow…that always lifts my spirits—looking forward to that.  I know she is also struggling with getting pregnant, I think I would be happy if she said she was…she’s so tiny, it would be easy to see a bump:)…I’ve written a book…on to tomorrow….or today..depending on when I can post this (maintenance on site)!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My List

So...of course, I'm procrastinating...I'm really good at that you see.  I came across another super cute blog which led me to this page.  101 things in 1001 days (about 2 years and 7 months); what a neat idea.  I have no idea how far I'll get on this list, but it should be fun to push myself a bit with the activities listed below.  So, here's my list I created!  I have until June 30th, 2014...whew!

1 Run a 5K
2 Figure out my blood type
3 Go on a wine tour--planning stage
4 Knit a scarf
5 Buy (and keep alive) a houseplant--planning stage/farmer's market purchase
6 Join a Yoga class
7 Make homemade salsa
8 Go see an opera
9 Watch the sun rise and set at the same location, without sleeping
10 Visit an art exhibition
11 Go on a multi-day biking trip
12 Host a dinner party
13 Do something for charity
14 Take a baking class
15 Read 5 non-fiction books
16 Go on a spa weekend--5/14 Coeur D'Alene Resort
17 Play mini golf-summer planning stage
18 Stay up and watch the sunrise on New Year's
19 Learn to fold an origami crane
20 Camp in a national park
21 Watch the sunrise on the beach
22 No fast food for a month
23 Write in my journal at least once a week
24 Bake my own bread
25 Volunteer after a disaster
26 Find a full time job
27 Buy a work of art
28 Send in a photograph to a contest
29 See a play in the theater
30 Stay at a B&B-5/13-5/15/11-McFarlane Inn
32 See an acupuncturist
33 Build a birdhouse
34 Exercise six days a week for a month
35 Try a new recipe every month for a year
36 Visit a friend out of state
37 Have a professional massage-5/14-Coeur d'Alene Resort
38 Complete a crossword puzzle
39 Go vegetarian for a week
40 Watch a movie in 3D
41 Shop at a farmer's market--hopefully this Wednesday
42 Visit a new state
43 Attend a live concert
44 Go to Sea World and San Diego Zoo
45 Go on a tropical holiday or cruise
46 Visit and explore Washington
47 Visit 3 National Parks
48 Go to 10 new restaurant-5/13/11-Wine Cellar (CDA), 5/14/11-Capones (CDA), Tokyo Seoul (WA)
49 Read Shakespeare
50 Buy a pair of hiking boots
51 Color an entire coloring book
52 Go ice-skating
53 Try out for a game show
54 Get an iPod Touch
55 Take a photo of the same place every month
56 Start a holiday tradition
57 Go to a theme park
58 Make my own jam
59 Lose weight
60 Write a list of inspirational things, one thing for each letter of the alphabet
61 See a musical 
62 Grow an herb garden-planning stage
63 Go on a road trip to at least 6 different states
64 Bake cupcakes from scratch
65 Join and send 10 postcards
66 Make brownies
67 Go for an all day bike ride
68 Watch a movie in IMAX
69 Learn to make cheesecake-6/6/11--came out yummy, but more practice needed to perfect! :)
70 Document one month of my life in photographs
71 Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
72 Visit a winery
73 Go Geocaching-have mapquested directions, just waiting for a sunny day
74 Join a book club
75 Take an art class
76 Go to bed before 11pm every night for a month
77 Send a handwritten letter
78 Give money to a street musician
79 Visit a botanical garden-same place as the geocaching
80 Have a baby-in the planning
81 Watch no TV for a week
82 Attend a live taping of a show
83 Cook dinner for my family-
84 Make French toast--Done! 6/5/11--and it was yummy!
85 Go to a sporting event
86 Get a pedicure-6/10/11--Pink toes :)
87 Adopt a dog
88 Read every Stephen King novel
89 Make chocolates
90Have a garage sale-hopefully this summer
91 Don't complain about anything for a week
92Host a barbeque
93 Spend a whole day in bed
94 Say yes to everything for one day
95 Spend an afternoon reading at the park
96 Keep a dream diary for a month
97 Make a snowman
98 Go to the cinema on my own
99 Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favorite song -13 so far
100 Have dinner by candle light
101 Go people watching for a day

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Hubby got me up this morning...had a great workout!  I'm showered, clean, and happy and it's only 10:45!!  I am feeling good today!  No more funk---I am going to be productive today, get my reading done and get my study notes together so I can study for my final tomorrow at the Cafe down the street.  I love studying there, it's quiet but not too quiet and they have these wonderfully large tables that are perfect to spread out all my study stuff.  I have a review session tonight and we're making burritos for Cinco de Mayo with fresh guacamole.  Yummy.  and pina coladas san alcohol:)  My dog's request is a short walk, hopefully I will be able to fulfill that for him today--he's got a serious case of cabin fever.  I think it's spring here. The sun's been shining for the last two days.  Oh and my flowers are starting to bloom finally.  sorry for being a bit random....on reproductive news....I have 10 more days on bcps...yay!  and then I get to go off for a week and then I'm on them until we officially start meds!...YIKES!!!  But before that**********************************************
our 8th anniversary weekend has been set for the 13 and 14th of May!! (Our anniversary is May 18..but that's a Wednesday and hubby will be gone, and I'll probably have AF...soo)   We're going to this super cute Bed and Breakfast near Coeur D'Alene, ID.  We're also going to splurge a bit and we're set up for massages at the resort in downtown (an awesome Christmas present from the in-laws we've been saving for just the right time)!!! We are both super excited!  Hubby has a business trip the following week and then Memorial weekend we'll be in Boise!  Time is flying!  In other news, classes are wrapping up this week; one final on Saturday and I should be completely finished by Sunday afternoon.  Sunday night, we plan to splurge and go the pub...hmmm....I wonder if I can get a virgin sex on the beach :)  The possibilities are endless!!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lisa's 200 follower Give-Away is on 'till 5/11

 Go check out Lisa's 200 follower Give-Away on her page--access it here

The Versatile Blogger Award...

Thanks for my very first blog nomination from Laura and Summastarlet !!  How fun!!!  So, here it goes~
Here's how it works:

  1. Winners grab the image and put it in your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who gave you it.
  3. Tell 10 things about yourself
  4. Award 5 recently discovered bloggers.
  5. Contact the bloggers you have awarded to let them know they have won. 

Here are my 10 things:
1.  I'm an only child--and currently, our dog is an only dog:)
2.  I broke my left arm two consecutive years in a row when I was a kid--both times on Halloween. 
3.  I have watched every episode of Lost and am still completely LOST!  Did the plane actually crash???
4.  My favorite show right now is Pretty Little Liars... I'm totally hooked!
5.  I'm such a follower....if someone blogs, posts, or updates something that looks and sounds fun--I have to try it too!
6.  I spent days watching every Office episode up to the current one last that show!
7.   I got a new laptop 'puter this year, and with Netflix on demand--as you can see I have caught up on my t.v. watching:)
8.  I love to cook--we've been really trying to cook super healthfully this year and I love it!  I love looking for recipes on, amongst other sites....
9.  I dislike with a passion exercising!  Trying to get into a rhythm and stick to it is hard!
10.    I'm excited because we're going to a B&B and get couples massages for our 8th Anniversary this month!!  So excited!! :) 
Bonus 11:  I love teaching middle school kids!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  most of the time...:)

Here are my awards!  Thanks for letting me stalk your blog!!  

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Infertility A to Z's

A. Age when you started TTC:  B:  33; me(J):  26.  We got married 5/18/03; I was on BCP for over a year--went off in the summer of '05.  We've been on this journey for 6+ years.  I think I initially signed up for twoweekwait in '04...temped, OPT''s wasn't until 2006 that I started using fertilityfriend as well.  It was in 2008-9 that we found out about B.  It's been 1-2 years to be ready physically and emotionally for IVF.  During that time, my SIL (who got married 2 years after we did) have had 3 children; and my BIL have had two children who are now almost in double-digits!

B.  Baby Dancing or Sex:  SEX :)  

C.  Children wanted:  When we were dating, we both had agreed we wanted two kids--a boy and a girl.  In fact we had it all figured out...haha...(the best laid plans...) that if we had a girl first, and our second was a boy...we were done.  If we had a boy first and the second was a girl..done.  If we had a boy, then another boy...we were done (we wouldn't try for a third just in case we ended up with 3 boys)..if we had a girl, and then another girl...we'd try once more for a boy...Of course, now, we'd be happy with one healthy child!  We're no longer picky!!  

**Our current joke though is for an extra $1000 we can choose what we want...haha...gotta have a little fun with this stuff or it will seriously drive us both mad!!!

D.  Dogs/Cats:  One dog--the best child substitute right now :)

E.  Essential Oils/Vitamins/Snake Oils:  Just one pre-natal currently.  Be on BCP my next CD 3 in prep. for H20 u/s

F.  Fertility Meds I have taken: None yet.

G.  Gain:  Weight  (each month that goes just does something to ya), stress, a lot of heartache for wanting something I cannot have.  Sadness when someone close to  me announces their pregnancy instead of happiness for them.  Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic for them, it's just the feeling of "when will it be my turn...and why is everything got to be so hard for us!"  Just sucks that's all...

H.  HSG (Hystosalpingogram):  Had to look that up; haven't had any procedure yet except they did look at my overies with the probing thingy the last time I was there.  

I. Infertile Pet Peeves:  People who resort to abortion as their first choice when they conceive a child.  Insurance companies who will cover the abortion 100% but anything for fertility for medical reasons or otherwise, 0%.  Insensitivity about fertility issues; people who abuse their children that we would give anything for ourselves...wondering what is the lesson that God is trying to give with what He allows to happen and what He doesn't... 

J.  Job title: Teacher; full-time student currently
K.  Kid's names you're afraid will be taken by the time you use them:  Kirsten and Zachary...both already taken by friends/relatives...we don't talk about kid names anymore...nothing to talk about until there's something to talk about...

L:  Length of time trying to conceive:  6 years...have no idea the exact date anymore..nor do I care..too long to think about.  
M.  Miscarriages:  None.  I have never been pregnant, not even a hint.  However, I can't even imagine the pain and heartache that goes through so many that lose a child whether at 6 weeks or 36 weeks...I just can't even imagine!  My heart truly goes out to any of you who fit into that category.  

N.  Number of times you switched OB/GYNs, REs, FSs:  technically 2.  We had a consult about a year ago with the first guy.  Not impressed.  We had another consult with the second RE--really nice, knowledgeable, uses and goes to conferences on the latest technologies, very professional, hubby liked the pictures of kids and families on the wall (major plus for us!)...and it's less money than the first with more options available (also major plus!).  So, we're with number 2.  More on the REs later, I'm sure!

O. Ovarian quality.  Good, I think.  With the probe thingy they saw 23 follicles the last time I was there.  I think all's good with ovarian quality--they will check more in-depth with the H20 u/s--praying for no cysts!
P.  POAS or waiting for AF:  Probably will have a hard time not wanting to POAS after IVF #1...I haven't POAS for few years, as I know there is a slim to nil chance at being pregnant without help...but after IVF, it will be hard...we'll see!!

Q.  Quote from an obnoxious fertile:  Just relax, it will happen when it's supposed to happen!  Have you tried having sex every other day?  

S.  Sperm:  Sperm?  Normal...just blocked!!!!! :(  PESA needed and we're hoping there are lots of them at the sperm production center!!  
T.  Time you tried naturally:  A few years in there...we honestly had no idea and should have had a consult a lot earlier, but we just chocked it up to stress or not trying on the right days for a looong time!

U.  Uterus quality-I think okay, again I will probably know more after May's appt.  
V.  Vagina---:)

W.  What baby stuff do you already have:  not really much of anything.  We have room for him/her....we're just waiting for a baby to fill it :)

X:  X-tra, XX-tra, read all about it, how many people know about your crazy TTC journey:  Well, technically no one really knows what we're doing (IVF)...BUUTTT...I'm pretty sure my mom has her suspicions as does my MIL...and of course, it's kinda obvious that we don't have kids after almost 8 years of marriage...something's up :(  

Y.  Yearly exam:  Yep...every year...I'm good to go:)

Z.  Zits:  That's what make-up was invented, right?  

Thanks Lindsay and Lisa...this was cathartic!   

Also...thank you, my 5 followers, thanks for following me:)  I don't claim to be much of a writer, and I usually don't have a lot of interesting things to say...but it's nice to know there's a support network out there who have been through this infertility stuff...I can't really talk to my family or friends, they can support me, but they have never gone through's just nice!  Thanks :)  Have a great Tuesday!!  J