Friday, May 27, 2011


That is, the hubby's stuff...just chill-axing for about a month until the little guys are injected into my eggies:)  Procedure went well, got the hubby on some antibiotics and maybe a little Ty.len.ol with co.dein.e later tonight depending on how he feels.  He was such a to meet Dr. Distinguished (since he's met Op.r.ah twice and he's got a little distinguished looking beard and he's very tall and handsome...I think it will fit) for a few seconds after the procedure; he seems nice but I don't know if we'll see him much more after today.  The female RE I've decided that she needs a great name--she has been so reassuring, so calm through everything so far and has been super wonderful!  So, we're going to call her Dr. Hopeful because she has restored our hope in conceiving a child together.  What a wonderful day today it has been--we are both so relieved that the procedure was successful!  Onward and forward we move! 

Procedures and Protocols

We're at the hotel--hubby has his PESA procedure today at noon.  Hopefully we'll get results back before we go home--he's going to be getting excellent treatment--both REs and an anesthesiologist so he'll be knocked out during the procedure!  Yesterday we both got blood work done, I got a pap and a H2O ultrasound--the latter was not bad at all, I'm a totally wimp when it comes to the pap--my doctor now knows that too :(  Oh well, all in all, everything went well--we got our protocol: here it is--

Continue BC and Pre-natal vitamin until June 23rd
Start Lupron and Docycycline (2x a day for both of us) and Baby Aspirin (BA) (continue Pre-natal vitamin (PNV)):  June 16-June 25rd
Continue Lupron, BA, and PNV until June 29th

Off to Boise for 3 weeks:
Baseline U/S-June 30th
Start Bravelle/Menopur (continue PNV/BA/Lupron)-June 30-July 11 (or so)
Blood draw-July 5th AM
hCG injection (trigger)-July 9
Egg Retrieval-July 11
Doxycycline and Medrol, progesterone begins morning after retrieval every 12 hours-starting July 11
Embryo Transfer-July 14-16
 that day + 2 additional days after-Princess Days:)
HCG Pregnancy Test #1-July 22-24--No results given
HCG Pregnancy Test #2-July 24-26-Results available

It's going to be a busy month! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Everything begins tomorrow.....H2O u/s and PESA procedure scheduled Friday....tomorrow we get blood drawn, talk schedules and care plans, and all about $$$$ much will be happening this weekend. 

Everyone has cute nicknames for their REs...I think I will make it a point to come up with some for them this weekend....I know the guy has met Op.r.ah twice and the female is up-to-the-latest on best practices with A.R.T.  Hmmmm.....what to call the two individuals who may hold our next generation in the palm of their hands...literally and figuratively...

Waiting impatiently for hubby to get home.  I think I may go out to the store to get some goodies for our loooonnngg road trip tomorrow!   Hope those of you enduring crazy weather are safe and comfy tonite!