Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry to make you guys wait so long....

(Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post and I'm sooooo sorry (Emily):) and everyone to keep you waiting for sooooo long....)

It's not that I haven't wanted to write this post, it's just how to write this post.  So, I will just say it....the blood test confirmed PREGNANT!

I actually knew on Saturday.  As I said before I think, I had two digital tests in the bathroom drawer that had been there forever, but weren't expired.  I had looked at them before we left for and thought these would be it, the true reveal-ers to say yes or no if I tested early.

Honestly, I'm still in shock.  My hubby and I have been dealing with IF for over 7 years....I have never even seen a positive test before..except in picture form on blogs and posts...never from my own pee!  So, I'm super excited, of course, but being cautiously optimistic until I see him/her on an u/s.  Here are the things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks in chronological order:

Aug 4-Last blood test to check beta
Aug 14th (ish)-First u/s
Aug 15th-Longest cycle ever before AF showed its ugly face

In the coming week, I'll write out my 2ww symptoms.  Everything is super surreal right now...more to update later!  Thanks for following me on this crazy journey!  I LOVE your comments and I LOVE reading about everyone else's journeys--especially those who have been going/have gone through IVF,  I have been stalking your protocols, your embie numbers and cell sizes....I rejoice with those who have had success and my heart breaks for those who have had losses.

Emily--I know you are next girl!  I've been stalking you like crazy too!!  My heart sank when I saw your post about your embies stopping growing:(  I know your BFP is coming!!  Thinking and praying for you girlie!!  Just try to not take out your Lupron craziness on your students, k?;)

I know sometimes every time someone else get a BFP it's so difficult when you're still in the trenches. I hope that you can rejoice with me as this is all new to us and every step of this journey is uncharted territory and my hope is that any of you still on the journey whether in 2WW land, in the middle of a protocol, in the midst of RE appointments and scheduling, researching and preparing financially, emotionally or otherwise or moving on to adoption--at the end of all of our journeys, our take home baby/child is near!  I am so glad that we can share in each other journey (the ups, the downs, and the all arounds) and others can share with ours...thank you!  


  1. Here from ICLW: Congratulations!!!

    I'm just starting my infertility journey but reading all of these successful IVF stories, it makes me want to jump to IVF. I look forward to following your journey!

  2. Congratulations to you!!! Good luck with your pregnancy. I hope it's all smooth sailing from here!

    ICLW #20

  3. Congrats to you both! Here's to a h&h 9 months. Grow baby(ies) grow!

  4. Congrats! That is amazing news! Very, very exciting! I love success stories.

  5. Congratulations!!!! What fabulous news!!! I need more details like what day you first got your positive all that stuff! I'm so excited for you!

  6. WAHOO!!! I was seriously hoping that your absence was due to good news! Yay!! Congrats!

  7. YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! Know that a stranger is rejoicing with you!! That's great news!

  8. Woohoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Amazing news! Cant wait to share your journey!! xx

  9. What wonderful news!!! Congrats!

  10. Congratulations! Hope things continue to go well for you.

  11. On the day of my BFN and the day after, I couldn't be happy for anyone else and just got really focused on myself and my hubs...but it's weird how quickly that changed! I read your post today and was THRILLED!! I'm so glad this is working out for you! I'll be keeping an eye out to see all the positive updates that are a'comin' (I'm in the south, so sue me). How wonderful!