Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally Friday and My Random Thoughts...

 Yesterday I did nothing but study!  I studied for my geography quiz and got a 100%, CHECK!  I studied all day for my econ test (yes, I totally waited to the very last minute to study for that)...took that at 7pm-9pm last night, CHECK!  I'll get the results back in a week or two.  I came home and we ate pizza...B had a late night too and came home about 5 minutes after I was nice to unwind last night, but I was just too tired to write anything that would make any sense...

All day long I was thinking random things that would pop into my head:

For instance, I was at a local cafe yesterday morning.  I think I came during bible study day.  We do have a lot of different churches in our small town!  Anyhoo...Here I am trying to study my econ and this guy is using his all-out outside voice giving his entire testimony to this other guy who I don't think in the hour they were there got more than 10 words in!  He had quite a story too--something about an accident, and parties were mentioned in there a few times...and his life changing after this accident with his sister hitting a tree, oh yeah--and then deciding to go to was pretty intense.  Can't you tell I got a lot of studying done during that time??:)....

Since I still have econ on the brain, I'll put another one of my random thoughts out there.  So I'm going through the content on government failure and a show pops into my head.  You guessed it, The Office...I love The Office.  I wish that I could work at The Office; that would be so much fun!!  I wish I had a boss like Michael Scott!  That would be so great!  Anyhoo, so I was going through the examples of government failure:  having excess money at the end of the year (I thought about the episode where the group had to decide on whether to get new chairs or a new printer)...lack of every episode...maximization of workers, no efficiency, not looking to control Todd Packer still being paid a salary?  It did make studying a bit more fun, I have to admit!

So, today I have been engrossed in my book by Karen Kingsbury,  Beyond Tuesday Morning.  In the First book:  One Tuesday Morning is about a wife who lost her firefighter husband on 9/11.  In the chaos that surrounded that fateful Tuesday morning, a firefighter friend found a guy who looked exactly like her husband near their company's truck.  She and her 4 year old daughter thought they had been one of the few lucky F.D.N.Y. families who did not have to grieve a lost loved one; however he came home with amnesia from the blast of the south tower falling and could not remember anything from his past.  for 3 months his memory slowly returned, he learned many lessons about the fireman's character, his love for God and  his and devotion to his wife.  He also was able to grieve for the loss of his own daughter who was born still...something he never was able to grieve the loss with his wife before 9/11.  Once he fully realized who he was and that he wasn't a firefighter but a business man from Los Angeles, the widowed wife helped reconnect him with his family and the wife and daughter were left to deal with the loss of their father/husband on that tragic day.  This second book, Beyond Tuesday Morning the setting is three years Jamie, the widowed wife is moving past 9/11 and some interesting twists and turns that may make these two families again reunite.  I totally recommend Karen Kingsbury's books...they are so well written, Christian fiction--definite page-turners!

My Kindle almost died on me so I came online to check mail and check in on my Cityville, and of course decided to finally update my blog with my interesting life..haha! What a productive day!!  Oh well, it's Friday!!  I'm looking forward to a great weekend!  I probably should get outside and start doing some weeding now that the sun has decided to grace us with its brilliance. Gotta get a walk or two in this weekend and finish up some homework for my Special Education class.  I also need to figure out what I will take this summer. I also need to start planning my trip to CA for June...missing friends, gotta make that trip:)  My Kindle should be charged again--gotta see what happens next!
Ta ta for now! J

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