Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's been a good weekend.  I spent quality time with my DH.  I watched dumb shows on T.V.  I have an obsession with Criminal Minds.  Of course, now I think anyone coming to the door is a mass murderer.  I sat on my a** and played on my computer.  I worked my CityVille.  I read through the latest comments on twoweekwait.  I finally finished my special ed. homework.  I left that 'till the very last day.  It still got done.  We made two great dinners.  DH grilled burgers Friday nite.  They were delish!  We made chicken fajitas with ground chicken meat last night.  They were wonderful.  DH's is making me dinner tonite.  I am married to the most wonderful man!  I haven't left the house all weekend.  It's been crappy outside.  Monday is a new day.  I forgot to take a prenatal vitamin today.  I need to be more consistent with that pill.  It's so big and it tastes gross!  I need to get my lazy butt to the gym tomorrow.  I need to count my calorie intake for the next 3 months.  I need to lose 20-30 pounds.  I need to be motivated this week.  I need to do my econ homework before Thursday afternoon.  That's when it's due!  DH leaves for a few days next week.  He'll be productive; I need to be productive too.  It's been a good weekend.  I wasn't even worried about not making my deadline for my sped homework.  It's just that it could have been done last week.  I'm finishing laundry--it will be done before bed time.  Tomorrow I won't procrastinate.  I will get things done. 

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