Saturday, September 16, 2017

My once a year post...apparently!

Who knows who reads this blog anymore.  I posted last September almost exactly to the day and found a few of you with some recent posts!  How exciting!  So, quick couple new things from a year ago.  We bought a house...moved from one town to another in Iowa.  Z started kindergarten.  B is doing great...still NED, no more surgeries, just scans every 4 months for the next 3-5 years, most likely.  We still go back and forth on trying for #2.  I still get to stay at's awesome!  Z goes to school just blocks down the street so I can walk to and from school!  The new house keeps us very busy.  Z is also starting soccer, which will be new and exciting for us!  Otherwise, it's fairly normal around here.  Papa did move closer and Z has had lots of company now that we have room for friends and family to visit!  So, that's what's new around around here!  Hope to update again before Sept 2018!

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