Friday, May 27, 2011


That is, the hubby's stuff...just chill-axing for about a month until the little guys are injected into my eggies:)  Procedure went well, got the hubby on some antibiotics and maybe a little Ty.len.ol with co.dein.e later tonight depending on how he feels.  He was such a to meet Dr. Distinguished (since he's met Op.r.ah twice and he's got a little distinguished looking beard and he's very tall and handsome...I think it will fit) for a few seconds after the procedure; he seems nice but I don't know if we'll see him much more after today.  The female RE I've decided that she needs a great name--she has been so reassuring, so calm through everything so far and has been super wonderful!  So, we're going to call her Dr. Hopeful because she has restored our hope in conceiving a child together.  What a wonderful day today it has been--we are both so relieved that the procedure was successful!  Onward and forward we move! 

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