Friday, May 27, 2011

Procedures and Protocols

We're at the hotel--hubby has his PESA procedure today at noon.  Hopefully we'll get results back before we go home--he's going to be getting excellent treatment--both REs and an anesthesiologist so he'll be knocked out during the procedure!  Yesterday we both got blood work done, I got a pap and a H2O ultrasound--the latter was not bad at all, I'm a totally wimp when it comes to the pap--my doctor now knows that too :(  Oh well, all in all, everything went well--we got our protocol: here it is--

Continue BC and Pre-natal vitamin until June 23rd
Start Lupron and Docycycline (2x a day for both of us) and Baby Aspirin (BA) (continue Pre-natal vitamin (PNV)):  June 16-June 25rd
Continue Lupron, BA, and PNV until June 29th

Off to Boise for 3 weeks:
Baseline U/S-June 30th
Start Bravelle/Menopur (continue PNV/BA/Lupron)-June 30-July 11 (or so)
Blood draw-July 5th AM
hCG injection (trigger)-July 9
Egg Retrieval-July 11
Doxycycline and Medrol, progesterone begins morning after retrieval every 12 hours-starting July 11
Embryo Transfer-July 14-16
 that day + 2 additional days after-Princess Days:)
HCG Pregnancy Test #1-July 22-24--No results given
HCG Pregnancy Test #2-July 24-26-Results available

It's going to be a busy month! :)

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