Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the Nick of Time!

In the nick of time!  We got the rest of my I've said before, they upped my dosage to 5:1 from 3:1 on baseline u/s day b/c I had only 8 follies and they wanted to see 2 more.  Not sure where those other two were hiding but they sure created a bit of commotion these last few days. already read our saga from a few days ago.  Well, I'm happy to say since my last post, if there was an award for getting every last drop of solution back into the syringe, my hubby would have surely been in the running!  .85-.96 mL after 6 re constitutions ain't too shabby!  However...due to the change in meds we needed more.  Of course, we have to need them on a holiday weekend but thankfully we have enough to get through Tuesday...yes, Tuesday...Wednesday (today) we're down 2 vials of bravelle.  I called the pharmacy yesterday with our order for 10 more bravelle and 2 more menopur (from our mess-ups the other day) who ships overnight...we should have them by today at noon.  I can take them at noon, no worries (I emailed my wonderful IVF coordinator...she said no problem).  However, it's 12:10PM right now and still no meds have arrived.  The cleaning lady has already come through and made the room sparkly again...I call down at the front desk..."Are you sure?" no meds have arrived's time to get everything ready.  1mL of NaCl solution....1 75IU of menopur...1 75 IU of bravelle....the phone rings (hey, I didn't know we have two phones in the room...), it's the front desk, "Fed-X has arrived and dropped off a package for you"...nice timing, we'll be right down...I hold on to the syringe while hubby goes down to retrieve the precious package...He takes out the last 2 bravelle....2...3...4...5..bravelle..inject .9mL into tummy..Success!  What timing! 

Later I get the benefit of a sick tummy and a bit of nausea from the injection plus my bloated, follicle stimulated ovary's all good.  Thank you meds I know you're working in there!  On to tomorrow with wando--I can't wait to see what's all going on in there even though I know it's going to hurt :(  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

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