Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trigger Tonight!

Hi all!  I've been busy napping most of the day today--yes, very productive day!  Well...we did take a walk too :)  Ha!  I had my last u/s appointment this morning.  Lining is at an 18... 19 follies measuring from 9-25 mm.  We're a go for trigger tonight at 9:30PM.  So excited to give myself my last shot!!  Yipee!!  9:30AM Monday morning is our scheduled retrieval.  Hubby will know if he has to do PESA again Sunday night/early Monday morning.  Excited and nervous.

All in all this experience has been nothing of what I anticipated.  In fact, I really came into it with no real expectations.  We're just going to do what the nurses tell us and know we're in good hands.  It has been good to get away from "real life" by being at a hotel.  I have come to accept that anything can and does happen in this process and so far I feel blessed that we have made it this far and jumped over a number of hurdles.  However, I know that we are far from the process being over and the scary part is still to come.  On to retrieval we go in the hopes that great fertilization reports and a good transfer are in the very new future! 

Have a sizzling Saturday!