Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving ahead quickly...

Went in for my u/s and blood work today.  E2 levels are at 2,214.  They counted somewhere between 20-26 follies today, didn't get numbers this time.  It was quite busy in the clinic this morning.  Lots of young couples--I think I counted 6 and that was just in the waiting room.  We literally showed up at our appointment today, checked in, sat down, and were called back within 30 seconds.  When does that ever happen?  We even felt like we were "cutting" in line this morning as the 6 waiting couples were all there longer than us.  One of my favorite nurses brings us back to the u/s/Mr. Wando room.  I get all set up, put on my socks (thanks Mac and PC for your wonderful suggestions on what to bring on your visits) and get "probed." The nurse goes about measuring the follies and talking to us.  Then she says she has a present for us.  Wow!  After all the follies are counted and I'm clothed again, she brings out the cutest little jean purse filled with all kinds of treats.  The cutest thing is she made cookies too--they are soooo cute! Two babies--one in a pink onsie, the other in a blue onsie.  I will have to take a picture.  She said we have to eat them after transfer because they have brought lots of good luck to others!  She told us she drove over to our hotel last night to give us this, but brought the wrong thing and since she is the out of town liaison and we are staying at the hotel for awhile--she wanted to give us a welcome package.  So sweet!!  Of course, we had to keep it incognito because the other 6 couples in the waiting area didn't get one...oh great, we cut in line and we got treats and they didn't.....uh ohhh!!  we may have a mutiny on our hands people!! Can you just see the angry stares!!  Oh my!! :) 

So we get back to the hotel and long behold guess who else is driving up the driveway?!  yep, it's FED-X...yippee, more meds are here!  We go up to the front desk and find out that this is their second time here this morning...ours came at 9AM (it's now after 10AM)...whoopee!!  Grab our package and get upstairs to inject more stims.  Fast forward to 1:30PM...I get a call from my wonderful IVF coordinator. She asks, "Have you taken your stims today?"...Yes, I took them at 10:30..."Okay, great.  Tomorrow, only take your Lupron and nothing else!"...okay, should I bring the other meds? "Nope, we'll do one last u/s and give you a time to trigger tomorrow night."  Cue me realizing that I will be in surgery Monday morning.  Dawning hits and we end the call.  It all goes down tomorrow!  We have a full box of Bravelle left that most likely won't be used (probably should really give it back to the clinic since we 'stole' their gonal-f the other day) and one more menopur.

I'm ready to get these follies out and hope there are lots of eggies retrieved!  Let's get this show on the road!  I'm ready!! :)

Happy Friday! 


  1. Yay for progress and triggers and follies! Good luck with collection on Monday.

  2. Wow! Sounds like all good news! Wishing you the best for retrieval!

  3. Awesome news! What a sweet coordinator!